Wanna experience the true pleasure of gaming ? Then these bluetooth earbuds from Vothoon® are just the gadget for you

    • VOTHOON PREMIUM GAMING- These Bluetooth Earbuds are designed by Vothoon® especially for gaming and these are considered the industry standard in gaming sound hardware
    • THE SOUND- The Vothoon® Verge features Superior Realtek subwoofer chips thus delivering you the most immersive sound experience and hardcore base
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Bluetooth 5.0 for hands free ultra smooth connectivity with any device- Phone, PC, PS4 , Nintendo Switch and Xbox
    • PHYSICAL NOISE CANCELLING- Smart digital noise cancellation for best ever gaming experience
    • BATTERY LIFE - Impressive 102 hours of continuous playback battery time
    • GESTURES- Touch sensitive control and more than 21 automated gesture controls. In-Built voice assistant version 3.0 to automate the earbudsfunction
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF- IPX7 Waterproof so you don't need to worry about any threats from water or sweat
    • MULTI FUNCTION- Can also be used as a power bank and also as a holder for your phone
    • THE DESIGN- The Vothoon® Verge feature one of the coolest earbud design . The gadget features advanced technology coupled with premium hardware thus making it the choice for the true gamers

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