The Universal Remote Control Chip

Why do you even need those old boring remotes when you can control all your home devices with your phone ? This smart chip turns your phone into a universal remote control and lets you control all the home appliances with your smartphone 
    • SMART IR INTERFACE - The gadget works on advanced infrared conduction interface. When the chip is plugged into your phone , your phone becomes a universal remote control for all your home devices . Whether its your air conditioner , your television , your set top box , projector , you will be able to control them with the smartphone 
    • APP CONTROL- After plugging the chip into the phone , install the App through the QR code and sync all your home devices and save them so you can easily access them anytime you want . App is compatible with both Android and iOS 
    • THE RANGE- The working range of the device  is very high and you can easily control the devices while sitting on a sofa or lying on the bed
    • 100% SAFE FOR PHONE- The chip is just a piece of hardware and won't interrupt or harm the functioning of your phone . Also , you can remove it anytime which adds to the convenience 
    • COMPATIBILITY- The grade 3 chip allows smooth compatibility with all types of devices which can support IR conduction ( 90% of the home appliances work on IR conduction )
    • PORTABLE- The chip is very tiny and lightweight and can be easily carried in your pocket or attached to your keyring . Very easy to put in your phone , just as you plug a normal USB cable 
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECH- Guys , this smart chip is a revolution in the remote industry . You just have to install a small chip into your phone and boom - you smartphone is now a universal remote control 

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