Arabic Retro Engraved Electric Lighter - Unique USB Lighter

This is NEXT FREAKING LEVEL !!! This may be the most unique electric lighter we have launched for you after our Laser Electric Lighter . Its sure to give you those classic Arabic Richie vibes and lighting your cigarette could never have been so fun before ( Beware - this is for bad boys/girls only 😈!!! )
    • SMOKE IN STYLE- Our handmade engraved USB lighter is one of its kind . It takes 7 hours of craftsmanship and woodwork behind the built of each set of these classy electric lighters . The result - a super iconic plasma lighter that truly blends the classic retro aesthetics with next gen technology
    • FLAMELESS WINDPROOF LIGHTER- Being a fully custom electric lighter , it does not produces any flame and is thus so much safer and environment friendly than toxic butane lighters . Plus its 100% waterproof and windproof lighter making it the perfect choice for camping and outdoor situations
    • JUST BLOW TO LIGHT- The way how you light this cool electric lighter is surely gonna impress those around you . Just blow into the upper hole to induce the plasma coil and now bring in you cigarette and you are good to go ( it looks lit !!!! )
    • USB RECHARGEABLE LIGHTER- The best part is that this unique lighter is powered by an inbuilt Macer® Triple Insulated battery and you can charge your electric lighter via the included USB Cable , your Power Bank or even your Laptop . 1 single charge lasts for about 10 days which adds to the pros
    • ULTRALIGHT & PORTABLE- The hollow pure sandalwood fuselage converged into a gorgeous slim design makes it really lightweight and easy to carry around , thanks to the dedicated pearl keyring . Also we have included a Storage Bag for you which makes it look even more elegant