Wanna take your mobile gaming to the next level ??? Then these little speakers are just the perfect gadget for you

    • DESIGNED FOR GAMING-These Twin Cube speakers are specially designed and created for mobile gaming and are considered industry standard in mobile gaming
    • THE SOUND- TheInbuilt micro 3D Stereo Sub-Woofers provide ultra immersive sound and real hardcore base which enhances your gaming experience
    • THE BUTTONS- The buttons on the surface of the speaker coupled with the flagship Twin Cube volume button looks really cool
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0-Bluetooth 5.0 Interface provides hands free smooth connectivity with all android and iOS phones
    • LED GRADIENT-Smart Led Lights Gradient which really look cool while gaming and create the perfect gaming ambience for your room
    • BATTERY LIFE- The inbuilt 3000 mAh Lithium Battery provides long hours of uninterrupted gaming time
    • THE DESIGN- The mini Vohlorn geometric design is one of its kind and looks really premium and cool