The Tipscope® Ultra Magnifier | Phone Microscope

Guys , the Tiscope Magnification Lens might be one of the most advanced phone gadgets we have ever launched for you . Literally , this ultra advanced phone microscope is like it will open the whole surroundings with an all new perspective and way more depth 😂 . And the best part is - this little gadget works with all phones - Android and iOS no matter what the phone or camera size be 
    • 400 X MAGNIFICATION- This device is literally crazy . The inbuilt Maxr® Scientist Grade Macro Lens allows the device to magnify your phone camera to 400 times and capture even the micro-scopic details around you ( you can literally see the bacteria on a surface ) 
    • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PHONES- The Tipscope phone microscope can be used and is compatible with all phones - whether Android , iOS , Windows and fits with all types of phone models regardless of the size or thickness 
    • VERY EASY TO USE- The Tipscope  just attaches to your rear phone camera and easily turns your phone into a 400X magnification device . Simply speaking it can be called as a 400x phone lens . Being detachable , it can be removed or attached anytime to your phone and takes just a second . Also its very thin and lightweight so does not increases the overall thickness of your phone 
    • PORTABLE- Being very small and lightweight , it is really portable and can be easily carried around in your pocket ( For safety of the device , please always keep it in the safe case that comes with it )
    • PREMIUM GADGET- The Tipscope®  Pro is a next-gen hitech gadget and is surely a breakthrough in the detail photography industry . Its one of the most amazing phone accessories and we are sure you will love it 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Tispcope Pro Phone Micropsope . All rights reserved and protected


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