The Xiaomi® Gaming Monitor (PROFESSIONAL ONLY EDITION)

It is  the time you take your gaming to another level !!! this Ultra HD Gaming Monitor from Xiaomi® is the perfect gadget for you !!!

    • 🎮DESIGNED FOR GAMING - The Xiaomi® Monitor is designed specially for professional level gamers and is considered industry standard in gaming hardware
    • 🎮PROFESSIONALS' CHOICE - The superior DC technology automatically calibrates display lightness, reduces the emission of harmful blue light and minimises eye fatigue. It also features a vivid display with 16.7 million bit depth, up to 121% coverage of sRGB color spectrum, 3000 nits of brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio
    • 🎮SUPERIOR SCREEN -The three micro-edge bezel design screen not only increases screen-to-body ratio, but it also allows users to seamlessly connect multiple display units to create a larger and more powerful visual experience
    • 🎮27 INCH ULTRA HD - 27 inch Ultra HD Display ( Full Screen ) for ultra rich immersive gaming experience. The game experience in such a high configuration graphic screen is really a brilliant experience for the true gamers
    • 🎮BUTTONS UNDER THE SCREEN- The control buttons are hidden under the bottom panel bezel so you can enjoy full screen experience
    • 🎮ULTRA COOL DESIGN -The unique minimalistic design of the Xiaomi gaming monitor has won various design awards and considered perfect for professional level gaming
    • 🎮GAMING GRADE COOLING -  The inbuilt invisible cooling technology prevents the monitor from eating up and thus allows you to enjoy continuous hours of immersive gaming
    • 🎮FLEXIBLE BRACKET- The premium grade flexible neck technology allows you to enjoy your own perspective gaming experience ( supports vertical and horizontal tilting). Also using the included high quality wall mount, it can be firmly mounted on the wall
    • 🎮PREMIUM PRODUCT - The Xiaomi Gaming Monitor is a very high end premium product and you will really appreciate its true blend of technology and minimalistic hardware

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Xiaomi Gaming Monitor , so you can be absolutely sure about the quality and authenticity of the product