Still using the boring traditional plain black USB Cables to charge your gaming phone ?? Then what are we here for ?? This Ultra fast Magnetic Cable with lightning glow technology is certainly the gadget for the real gamers and the real tech lovers

    • ADVANCED GLOWING TECHNOLOGY - The smart internal chips creates a flowing LED Glowing effect which looks really really cool and seems as if the data line is breathing
    • ADVANCED MAGNETIC CABLE -No need to always plug the Cable. Just take it closer to the phone and the strong magnet will automatically attach and start charging
    • ULTRA FAST CHARGING-As the cable is made for professional gaming purposes, the charging speed is very high ( 1.8 times higher than your traditional cables )
    • SMART OVERCHARGE PROTECTION -The inbuilt smart current sensors prevent your device form overcharging and thus keeps your battery safe
    • PREMIUM GRADE DURABLE MATERIAL - The cable is manufactured using industry standard tough material which provides ultra long durability and prevents the cable from tear and wear
    • GAMING EDITION - The charging cable is designed specially for gaming purposes so as to give the normal USB Charging cables a more enhanced and techy look

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the flash cable so you can be absolutely sure about the authenticity of our products