The Claw Stick ( Drain Clogging Remover )

Guys , finally you have a solution to one of your oldest problems - freaking drain cloggings . We know how much they trouble and that's why we have come up with this product
    • MECHANICAL CLAWS- The stick consists of 6 axis mechanical claws on the front which opens and close al you press the buttons and can easily clean your drains in seconds
    • SOLVES ALL CLOGGING PROBLEM- No matter how big the size of clog is or what the material is inside , this little gadget will clean it all
    • FLEXIBLE NECCK- Being silicone flexible , you can easily clean hard to reach areas
    • SIMPLE TO USE - The stick is really easy to use - you just have to press the button to open the claw and then realise it to tale the material out
    • STURDY BUILT- Being built from high grade silicone and metal claws , the stick is highly durable and efficient