XSociety®️ Electric Web Shooter

War Black
Spidey Color
Guys OMG , we did it !!! We just created the world's first ( Actually Working ) Spiderman Web Shooter and it is dope !!! This Spidey Web Shooter by XSociety®️ is one of the coolest gadgets of 2023 and we know you'll love to try your hands on this bad boi
    • FIRST REAL WEB SHOOTER- Featuring our proprietary GravShoot®️ technology , the XSociety®️ Spidey Web Shooter works just like the real one and be used to swing , hook , grapple and it's so much fun !!!
    • ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC SHOOTER- When the Shoot Button is activated , the Web Shooter launches GE 3.0 powerful magnetic suction silk rope and attaches to the object . Then press the smart button to reel in the object towards you
    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY- The XSociety®️ Web Slinger has an inbuilt 2000 mAh Battery and lasts upto 3 days on 1 single charge
    • 3D PRINTED DESIGN- The Spider Web Shooter is built using advanced 3D Printing technology for extra power . The silk ropes can reach upto 25 m and are highly robust to pull literally anything
    • WHAT CAN YOU DO ? -This Spidey Web Shooter can be used to do ton of cool things like opening the refrigerator , pulling Beer cans , swinging and you literally can become neighbourhood Spidey ( but guys remember with power comes .. nah nothing just enjoy the power )