XSociety®️ Real Electric Spider Mask - Limited Edition


Introducing the XSociety®️ Real Electric Spidey Mask – Unleash Your Inner Hero!

Are you ready to step into the shoes of your favorite web-slinging superhero and swing into a new era of mask technology? XSociety®️ presents the ultimate revolution in superhero masks with our Real Electric Spider-Man Mask. Get ready to be amazed as we bring your Spidey fantasies to life!

Crafted with cutting-edge innovation, our Spidey Mask redefines the superhero experience. Here's why you'll love it : 

    • 🕷️ EYES THAT MOVE | EDGE CUTTING TECHNOLOGY : Be ready to amaze your friends and save the day. The Real Electric Spidey Mask features mesmerizing moving eyes ( using our proprietary G43 smart chip ) that can be adjusted to display various expressions. Control it effortlessly with the included ring remote, allowing you to make those eyes dart around, blink, and widen in astonishment, just like a true web-slinging hero!
    • 🕷️ REVOLUTIONARY MATERIAL : We've gone above and beyond to ensure your comfort. Our mask is constructed from high-quality and lightweight ABS material. The elastic, breathable fabric guarantees a snug fit without feeling tight, making it perfect for hours of action-packed adventures.
    • 🕷️ RING VERSION vs CHIN VERSION : The smart Ring control version remotely controls closing and opening of eyes and also supports blinking, allowing each eye to blink or close individually . The Chin Control version uses your mouth movements to open and close the eyes ( By opening and closing the mouth, the chin touches the mechanical device to control blinking or closing of the eyes )
    • 🕷️ TAILORED TO FIT - Whether you're a kid or an adult, our Spider Hero Mask is designed to adapt to all head sizes. Thanks to the adjustable zipper on the back, you'll find a snug fit that's perfect for you. This mask is as flexible as it is stylish.
    • 🕷️ EASY TO USE | LONG RECHARGEABLE BATTERY : No need to fret about complicated setups. This incredible mask can be charged up with a simple USB charge and lasts for atlest 48 hours on 1 charge. It's as convenient as it is extraordinary.
    • 🕷️ FOR EVERY OCCASION- Don't limit your heroics to just one day. Our Real Electric Spidey Mask is perfect for a variety of events – from cosplay extravaganzas and superhero gatherings to Halloween, Christmas parties, Mardi Gras, and so much more. You'll steal the spotlight wherever you go.

    Unleash your inner superhero with the XSociety®️ Real Electric Spider Mask. It's not just a mask; it's a ticket to a world of adventure, fun, and endless excitement. Don't miss out on this revolutionary experience. Grab yours now and let your Spidey senses tingle !!!

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