Airwave® Dual Pro ( Smartwatch with Earbuds )

Smart Fitness Band with inbuilt bluetooth earbuds - have you ever heard anything cooler more practical than that ??? 
    • 2 IN ONE- The gadget features advanced smart band with integrated bluetooth earbuds which allows you to carry your whole fitness gear on the wrist of your hand . This is the first smartwatch with earbuds in it and is certainly a gadget for the tech lovers 
    • ULTRA RICH SOUND- The inbuilt dual micro subwoofers in the bluetooth earbuds provide ultra rich crystal clear sound with true immersive base and physical noise cancelling . Also the earbuds can be used separately like normal earbuds and can be connected to smartphone , Laptop , PC etc 
    • EARBUDS ARE INTEGRATED- The earbuds can be carried easily inside the fitness watch and taken out anytime you want . It becomes really convenient as you don't have to carry both devices separately ( then lid is magnetic and the earbuds are safe inside ) 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Interface for smooth wireless connection with all your devices . Both the fitness watch and the earbuds are compatible with Android and iOS 
    • FITNESS MODE- This fitness tracker watch is specially designed for personal care and fitness and features multiple sport modes, calorie counts , steps calibration , sleep monitoring and consumption features
    • HEART RATE MONITORING- Using the micro chip sensor, the band can accurately detect the heart rate and the blood pressure rate and in case of abnormality, a message can be automatically sent to your stored emergency number
    • SMART APP LINKAGE- All the data and results are automatically saved and can be viewed in the smartphone App which is compatible with both Android and iOS
    • REMOTE CONTROL- Using the remote camera feature , you can automatically click pictures from your phone by just shaking the fitness watch which looks really cool 
    • NOTIFICATIONS AND CALLS - All the important app notifications and call controls are transferred to the smart band thus making it very convenient while jogging , exercise or at work . With the inbuilt Hi-Fi microphone , you can enjoy music and hands free calling on the watch itself 
    • VERY COMFORTABLE- The strap is very high quality and provides you full comfort while wearing . Its very lightweight and breathable and doesn't strain your wrist 
    • ADVANCED WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY- The smart band is IPX7 waterproof and there is no risk of damages from water or sweat 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a high end gadget featuring advanced technology and next gen mechanism , making it one of the most useful gadgets of the year 

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