Want to keep track of your daily fitness results ?? Then this Advanced smart weighing scale is certainly the perfect gadget for you !!!
    • SMART INTERFACE- The inbuilt smart sensor chips allows automatic calibration of the machine when you stand on it and automatic digital error correction
    • SMART APP CONTROL -The machine automatically send s your weight reports to the machine automatically and generates graphs so that you can keep control about your results
    • INDUSTRY STANDARD RESULTS-The machine has inbuilt dual precision weight sensors which accurate most reliable and precise weight data with an error frequency of +/- 0.01 gm
    • LED DISPLAY - Smart LED Control allows you to see your data very easily and clearly
    • ANTI- SLIP BASE - The 4 anti slip silicone pads give ultra stability and comfort
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN - The minimalistic metallic finish looks very great in your smart home