Grey® Duka Smart Electric Ruler | Professional's Edition

Guys, this has to be the most revolutionary gadget we have ever brought for you . This is 10 / 10 geek certified stuff and we really deserve some applause for this ( self high five 😎 ) 

Jokes apart , this smart ruler is certainly a breakthrough in the measurement industry and will gradually completely eliminate the use of normal rulers and measure tapes . Its one of the best tech you'll purchase and you will be one of the first ones to join this smart revolution

    • REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT -The Xiaomi® Smart ruler is a result of months of research , design and application thus putting it in the list of coolest and best gadgets of 2021 . This is the first device which integrates a fully functional length measurement mechanism into a sleek and handheld device of this size 
    • G32 SMART CHIP- Being powered by our G23 Maxer® Core smart chip , the gadget can accurately detect the distance on the roller wheel and display the length of the thing you want to measure . The calibrated internal system provides the highest precision in industry with an error value of less than +/- 0.05% 
    • REALLY SIMPLE TO USE | 1.8 INCH LED SCREEN  - This is like 20 times easier and cooler than those boring steel rulers . Just take the smart ruler , slowly roll over the area you want to measure and boom - the values are displayed on the 1.8 inch VA LCD screen making it super clear and easy to understand . The silicone gyro wheel provides the most superior stability and smooth rolling so that it doesn't deviate leading to errors 
    • ACCUMULATED MEASURE TECHNOLOGY- This is the most amazing feature of the smart scale . The gadget allows you to measure an accumulated distance upto 99 metres ( yes you heard right ) . That means that it can automatically add and remember values when there is a break between 
    • INTELLIGENT MULTIPLE INTERFACE | A MECHANIC'S CHOICE- The proprietary STM32 microprocessor is preloaded with 346 measurement commands and 6 modes including Straight Line Measure , Arc Measurement , Arbitrary Curve Measurement , Cylinder Diameter Measurement , Circle Diameter Measurement and Accumulated Measure . Using arbitrary mode , you can even accurately measure a chair's flat surface from top to edge as it automatically adds a unit width to counter measure ( Everything is clearly explained in the instruction manual ) 
    • UNIT CHANGE | SPEAKER MODE- The unit of measurement can be conveniently switched between cm. and inch according to your convenience and the voice mode can be turned on or off as per preference 
    • 200 DAYS STANDBY- The inbuilt 240 mAh lithium chip battery provides this gadget a beastly standby time of about 180 days and can be simply charged through the included USB C Type cable 
    • PORTABLE | WIRELESS | VERSATILE- The portable 5.3 x 1.5 cm. design with wireless interface and handheld function makes this smart ruler really versatile and you can easily carry it anywhere in your pocket . You can use it anytime anywhere and for carpenters , mechanics and tech lovers , this gadget is like pure heaven 
    • THE DESIGN- This is probably the most beautiful little piece of hardware you'll ever purchase . The minimalistic matte design with an equally refined polished roller and LED screen makes it one of our most highly recommended staff picks . Guys , you can blind buy this on our recommendation and if you don't like it just come again to our website , click return and we'll refund you the whole amount ( this will never happen though )
    • A BREAKTHROUGH - This is a gadget that defines our brand and is surely a huge breakthrough in the industry . Yes agreed , it still needs a major upgrade to remove the minimal 0.8% error due to roller deviations ( which we are working on ) but when it happens  , this gadget will be a go to tool for fashion designers , artists , furniture experts and architects all over the world 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Duka Smart Ruler . All rights reserved and protected