Smart Temperature Ring

Imagine how cool it would be if you could just touch a thing and get to know its temperature . Well, this smart ring does exactly the same thing . With inbuilt AI technology and smart temperature sensor , this ring is no less than a sci-fi movie gadget . And guys , don't worry much about the ring size , we will email you ourselves and confirm with you the proper size according to your country's standard :)
    • SMART CHIP- The smart temperature ring detects temperature change in your finger when you touch a surface and then calibrates to show you the temperature of the material ( please keep your finger on the surface of the item for some time to get accurate results )
    • ROOM TEMPERATURE -If you want to measure the room temperature, take off the ring and keep it in the room for 5 minutes 
    • LED SCREEN- The advanced LED Screen of the smart ring displays real accurate values of the temperature of the surface you are detecting . The screen is bezel - free which looks very premium and cool 
    • BODY TEMPERATURE- If you want to measure your body temperature , place it near your armpits for about 30 seconds 
    • STEEL BUILT  - Its made of 100% high quality stainless steel and the inner arc is lined with silicone which makes it very smooth and comfortable to wear
    • DESIGN DETAILS- This smart ring is designed very precisely and in a artistic way which looks really cool and luxurious while wearing and also its great if you are giving it as a gift
    • RESISTANCE- Its 3 level water resistant so you can easily dip it in the water without any issues and even you wear it while taking bath or swimming , it won't be a problem 
    • HITECH GADGET- This is an advanced tech gadget featuring innovative thermal technology and is surely the fit for the tech lovers . If you love gadgets like these , check out our amazing Cool Gadgets Collection 

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