Smart Pot for Plants

We did it guys !!! Our smart pot for plants has finally passed all the tests and it is ready for you !!! This smart pot will surely take your indoor gardening to next levels. We know guys that the price is lot high for a plant pot but trust us this will be one of the most useful gadget you have ever purchased and if you are an indoor gardener , this will make your life so much easier 
    •  REVOLUTIONARY - This smart pot for plants is the result of months of hard work, passion and dedication of the designers and engineers who were able to bring life to this project . This is a breakthrough in the gardening industry and we literally receive so many emails from people everyday expressing their excitement for this product . This is the world's first fully functional 100% safe smart pot and the utility is just amazing 
    • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PLANTS - Now with your smartphone you can keep whole track of your plants and take care of them in most effective way . The smart pot has the M118 microchip embedded which can detect the metabolic features around you and give you smart recommendations bases ups that 
    • MANURE AND WATER TRACKER- The smart inbuilt sensor chips tracks the activity of the plant and tell you about the water needs of the plant, fertility of soil and manure requirements . You will be thus able to take care of your plants in much more efficient and scientific way
    • LED LIGHT INDICATION- The  LED indicator tells the status of the plant and the smart pot - Red light for low power, Yellow light for fertility imbalance and blue light for water imbalance 
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE- One single charge can last upto 70-80 days which adds to the convenience and you don't have to charge the smart pot again and again 
    • 100 % SAFE AND ECO FRIENDLY -If you are worrying about the safety of plant - then don't . The pot features triple layer high grade insulation with our patented anti - radiation transistor technology which keeps the plant and the soil completely intact and as healthy as it could be . Also as the watering and soil needs are backed by scientific data , you plant will grow much more healthier than as based on rule of thumb 
    • SUPPORTS ALL PLANTS -The smart pot is compatible with all types of plants and soil types 
    • THE DESIGN AND LOOK- The smart pot for plants looks very minimalist and high quality and surely enhances the aesthetics of your home or garden . The silicone texture with non slip mat makes it suitable to keep anywhere . The material is 100% corrosion free and this smart pot is designed to give you years of unparalleled efficiency 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Smart Pot for Plants . All rights reserved and protected