USB Smart Plug | Smart Wifi Adaptor - Alexa & Google Home Compatible

Making your home smarter and more automated ??? Then this USB Smart Plug with Alexa and Google Home compatibility is certainly the perfect gadget for you . With this you will be able to control all your USB devices and chargers with just your smartphone and voice control 
    • MAKE ALL YOUR DEVICES SMART- The USB Smart Plug is a next gen gadget which can convert each and every USB device in your home into smart device . You can get all access in your smartphone and set various automation rules too 
    • SMART APP CONTROL- With this adapter , you can control all your home appliances and gadgets with your phone , set timers, automation rules etc - eg. Turn off the Night Lamp at 4:00 p.m , turn on the charger when battery is below 40% , turn on the humidifier after 3 hours etc. The smartphone app is compatible with both Android and iOS 
    • ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME- This is a USB smart plug with Alexa and Google Home compatibility which makes it super convenient and cool to use as you can control everything just by your voice commands . Also the connection with all type of smart home systems is very seamless and will just take 30 seconds or so to pair 
    • NOTHING ADDITIONAL REQUIRED- The most amazing part is that you require no additional hub or expensive drivers to use this smart USB adaptor . Just plug in it like you do with a normal adaptor , pair it with your smartphone and you are good to go !!!
    • AUTOMATE YOUR CHARGING- If you have worried about overcharging your phone if you charge it while sleeping , then this device will solve the problem . Just set a timer , that turn off the charger after 2 hours and thus you don't have to worry anymore about battery overcharge 
    • SHARE CONTROL -Thanks to the Calib Pro + technology , you can also share operation control and access to your appliances to family members through the app and it comes in really handy when you are not at home 
    • INBUILT ZWE MICROCHIPS - The inbuilt ZWE Smart sensor chips are considered industry standard for smart devices and thus provides you unparalleled efficiency and smooth operations . This is the most advanced USB smart plug both in terms of technology and design 
    • REVOLUTION IN SMART HOME INDUSTRY- The smart plugs have become kind of really common but this is the world's first smart USB adapter plug so now you can control even your USB operated devices ( like chargers , night lamps , power banks , humidifiers , mini fans etc ) using your smartphone . It was awarded the  ' Utility Tech Award ' by CRES 2021
    • BUILT TO LAST- The USB smart plug is manufactured using high grade silicone and microchips and claims of 20 years of uninterrupted use . Agreed , its expensive than those normal USB adapters but the features and quality you get certainly makes it worth the price