Smart Modern Flower Pot | With LED Lights and Bluetooth Speaker

Its the time you take your indoor gardening to the next level . These smart modern flower pots with 7 colour night lighting and bluetooth speaker function will certainly make you garden so much more beautiful also you can enjoy sweet soothing music while sitting in your garden 

    • SUPERIOR SOUND - This smart pot for plants functions as an awesome bluetooth speaker with Hi-Fi Stereo Surround music quality which even benefits the growth of your plant ( guys , we are a bunch of tech nerds and we don't really know much about biological aspects of a plant but we have read some reports which claim so ) . It looks really cool to have a speaker in your flower pot and you are gonna have so much fun with it . The pot pairs via bluetooth to both Android and iOS smartphones and has auto calibration feature 
    • SMART LED FUNCTION-This smart modern flower pot is equipped with 7 different fluorescent LED Lights which look really good in you house as well as your garden. The colour changes automatically when you touch the leaf of the plant or the base of the flower pot and it creates a gorgeous soothing ambience
    • 100% SAFE FOR PLANTS  -The smart pot is dual insulated with SE plus anti - radiator technology which keeps the plant and soil completely intact and it would thus have no bad effect on the growth of your flowers or plants 
    • SMART TOUCH -Single Smart Touch Button to control power , bluetooth function , light changing , volume control etc . Also , when you touch the leaves of the plants , the colour of the pot automatically changes which feels so amazing 
    • BEAUTIFUL GARDEN- This flower pot will certainly add a unique beautiful aesthetic aspect to your garden . We have an amazing patio in our office and when we replaced those old pots with these smart flower pots , the look just completely changed and at night , it becomes the most alluring part of our whole office 
    • WATER RESISTANT- This is IP68 rated waterproof thus you can water it as you do with a normal flower pot . This is suitable for indoor and outdoor gardens and supports all soil and plant types 
    • HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL -The pot is designed and manufactured using the highest quality material providing you years of unparalleled efficiency and durability