Smart Landline Phone - World's first Android Telephone

Ever heard of smart landline phone ??? Well , that's what Grey¬†Technologies is about ūüėé
    • SMART WIRELESS LANDLINE- This here is the world's first wireless Android telephone with 8 inch Amoled Touch Display and supports LTE 4G Network . It is like an¬†Android phone in the form of a landline telephone and thus there can't be anything better than this for your office , reception desk or also as a smarter alternative for home based landlines¬†
    • PERFECT FOR COROPATE OFFICES- This is really one of the useful and advanced purchases one can have for their office . Everything is getting faster and its the time that office answering machines where most of the important work is done needs to be more smarter , faster and secure¬†
    • OPERATING SYSTEM- The telephone works on integrated Android 10 operating software with Snapdragonn Core 4 GB RAM which gives it the speed and operating power same as that of your normal smartphones¬†
    • STORAGE- The smart telephone has an inbuilt 16 GB memory thus you can store all your important files , contacts , pictures , videos and documents at one¬†single¬†place . It becomes very useful when you are on a phone conference as you can have the important data right in front of you . Also you can install an external TF card upto 128 GB if you need more storage¬†
    • 3G/4G NETWORK- The telephone has an inbuilt SIM card slot and supports all GSM/3G/4G networks so this acts as a standalone devices and you can make domestic and international calls conveniently and also use the SMS function¬†
    • CAMERA QUALITY + VIDEO CONFERENCING- The 5 megapixels front camera allows you to attend video calls on the go and this comes in really handy ( we use this phone in our office and this particular feature has made our lives so damm easier )¬†
    • INTERNET BROWSING ¬†+ OTHER APPS¬†¬†- You can browser the internet for real time information and also download other apps like Gmail , Instagram , Facebook , WhatsApp , YouTube , access Voice Assistant , Calculator , Recorder , Stock Market Data etc. or even play games on it¬†
    • SMART HOME- If you use our other smart home appliances , then you can control all of them using this landline telephone and thus you can get all control at one place¬†
    • INBUILT G22 MAXR SPEAKER- The inbuilt G22 Maxr¬ģ speakers coupled with Hi-Fi microphone lets you enjoy crisp clear sound both ways and also enjoy video conferencing¬†
    • 2 WAY ANSWERING- You can aswer the phone via 2 methods - either pick up the handheld or just touch the screen to enter into speaker mode . Also you can call your contacts like you do in your usual smartphone and the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity ensures the most efficient operation
    • THE DISPLAY- The retina IPS 800 X 1280 , 8¬†inch Amoled screen ensures the smoothest touch experience without hurting or straining the eyes¬†
    • FOLDABLE BRACKET- The foldable ABS bracket stand on the back end provides the telephone very firm grip and allows you to place it on a plain surface like a table or desk¬†
    • RECHARGEABLE AND PORTABLE- It has an inbuilt 2500 mAh battery providing easily upto 3 days of standby and can be recharged though the included C Type cable . Thus being very lightweight and wireless , its very easy to carry around and becomes really versatile¬†
    • DESIGN- The smart telephone is certainly one of the most innovative and advanced gadgets both in terms of technology and design . Its the world's largest smartphone and the world's first Android telephone thus putting it as a breakthrough in the industry . The gorgeous minimalistic design with an equally premium matte finish makes it suitable for high end receptions or offices and we really think that these , in 2 years or so will certainly replace those traditional boring telephones¬†



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