Victross® Smart Lamp with Wireless Charging


An elegant table lamp charging your phone - what else can be better for you smart home ??? This amazing gadget from Victross® is not just a warm night lamp but also a turbo wireless charger for your phone - so you get 2 devices in 1 

    • SMART BRIGHT LAMP- This acts as a great night lamp for your bedroom or living room . The G6 Core 2.0 illumination lamp beads fill the room with an ecstatic illumining ambience and also doesn't hurt the eyes 
    •  WIRELESS CHARGING FUNCTION - This is a smart lamp with wireless charging function so you just have to keep your phone on the wooden base of the lamp and you are good to go . It is compatible with all phones that support Qi wireless charging and features multiple device charging at once
    • TURBO CHARGING- Being powered by the proprietary M8 7.5 Watts microchip , the wireless charging is 1.6 times faster than any other charger on the market which adds to the convenience 
    • BRIGHTNESS AND DIMMING FUNCTION- The adjustable brightness and intelligent dimming functions allows you to customise the lighting according to your convenience and thus it becomes really versatile and is perfect as a calm night light for sleeping , for reading books and also as a decor in living room 
    • FINGER TOUCH CONTROL- You can change the brightness and dimming settings just by touching the base of the wireless charging lamp which feels very amazing and becomes very easy to use 
    • WARM LIGHTING- The 200 lumens bright warm light is very pleasing and gives an excellent retouch to the surroundings 
    • OVERCHARGE PROTECTION- The smart sensor chip automatically shuts down charging after the battery is fully charged thus protects your battery and prevents if from heating up . It thus acts as a protector against input over voltage , output over voltage and output short circuit protection 
    • PHONE MOUNT- The firm arc of the lamp can also be used as a stable  stand for your smartphone and lets you enjoy movies , music and podcasts on the go 
    • THE DESIGN- The Victross® smart lamp with wireless charging features next gen technology with an equally minimalistic and artistic design and thus surely deserves a place in your smart home . The base is built from the highest quality maple and the internal mechanism from proprietary systems and is guaranteed to give you years of unparalleled efficiency and durability