Xiaomi® Smart Lamp for Living Room & Bedroom - Alexa and Google Home Compatible

Make your home smarter , intelligent and even more elegant with the revolutionary smart lamp from Xiaomi® . And Yes , you can really choose from 16 million different full RGB colour combinations !!! This smart lamp will add an alluring touch to your home beside making it automated and smarter 

    • SMARTPHONE CONTROL- You can remotely control the smart lamp through your smartphone , change the settings and set thousands of different automation rules . You can choose from the 16 million RGB colour combinations ,  change brightness and temperature , use the dimming fusions , set timers like turn on the lamp at 4:00 p.m etc . The mobile app is available on both Android ans iOS and can be downloaded using the QR code 
    • MAXLEW® FLAGSHIP SYSTEMS - This smart lamp features the patented Maxlew® smart home systems which are by far technologically the most advanced and heavy duty microchips for automated lighting . The Xiaomi® smart lamp thus boasts of advanced mechanics with a gorgeous modern design 
    • NO HUB OR INSTALLATION REQUIRED- This is one of the major advantage of this smart lamp . You require no additional hub or driver to control this with your smartphone or voice . Just keep it on your table like a normal lamp , connect with the smartphone app and you can now effortlessly control it from anywhere and anytime 
    • Alexa & Google Home - This is a smart light with Alexa and Goggle Home compatibility so you can control and automate your home's lighting just with your voice commands 
    • 16 MILLION SHADES- The full RGB integrations allows you to choose from 16 million different colour shades so you never have to be bored again . The lighitng is warm and anti glare and always lets you create a delightful ambience in your bedroom or living room 
    • WHOLE ROOM BRIGHTNESS | PARTY MODE  - The smart lamp is very powerful ( Core GH6.0 ) and can light up the whole room if you choose high brightness or is perfect as a personal desk lamp if you choose low brightness . It makes it very versatile and you can use it in all situations - parties , romantic dinners , studying and reading or to create a calm peaceful environment 
    • RETINA CARE- The protective anti- glare coating makes sure that the light is soothing and doesn't harm the eyes and thus makes it a perfect table lamp for studies too 
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The Xiaomi® Smart Lamp is a masterpiece in terms of both design and technology . The minimalist metallic body with matte finish and Vohlorn geometric looks beautiful and is certainly a perfect fit for your amazing home 
    • ECO FREINDLY- It works on Maxlew energy saving M20 chip thus providing a better eco friendly way to light up and beautify your home . It consumes 14 times less power usage than the traditional lamps thus you are directly contributing to a sustainable living 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product by Xiaomi Home and Grey Technologies collaboration  and was awarded ' Red Dot Award ' in The SERT Fest 2020