Xiaomi Smart Light - Smart Light with Alexa

Enhance and upgrade your home's lighting with the word's most advanced smart lamp from Xiaomi® . The gorgeous 16 million RGB colour shades with Alexa & Google Home compatibility certainly makes it the perfect next gadget for your smart home 

    • SMARTPHONE CONTROL- You can remotely control the smart lamp through the smartphone app which is compatible with both Android and iOS . You can change colour shades , temperature , brightness , set timers and automations all with just your smartphone , anywhere and anytime 
    • 16 MILLION RGB LIGHTING- Enhance the aesthetics of your home with the patented 16 million colour combination interface . You canc choose different shades on each day of the year and add a unique look to your house everyday . Choose from cool energising daylight, warm relaxing light, amber night light and the playful and colourful mood lighting , there are no limits while using the Xiaomi® smart lamp . You can also choose from 2000K-5700 light temperature , use dimming function and control brightness according to the situation 
    • VOICE CONTROL- Go hands free and control the smart lamp with your voice commands . This is a smart light with Alexa & Google Home so you now change the look of your home just using your voice , Eg- say - Alexa , turn off the lamp at 8:00 p.m , Alexa - change the colour to fluorescent red and reduce the brightness by 30% , Alexa - turn on the lamp when I come home 
    • BEAUTIFUL FULL BODY LIGHTING AND ON SCREN CONTROLS  - The one of its kind design allows full body illumination which looks mesmerising and the settings can also be changed using the on screen touch button which feels really cool 
    • WHOLE ROOM BRIGHTNESS- The smart lamps are powerful ( G6-23 Core ) and can light up and beautify the whole room when you choose high brightness mode and is also suitable as a reading smart lamp when you choose the gentle brightness mode . The colourful lighting is enough to create a party like experience in your whole room , to create a theatre ambience for your favourite Netflix shows or also if you need a warm gentle light before sleep . Its thus very versatile and the applications are numerous according to the situation 
    • RETINA CARE- The protective dual layer HZ22 anti- glare screen makes sure that the light is soothing and doesn't harm the eyes 
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- This smart lamp by Xiaomi® features a flawless blend of super advanced technology with an equally artistic and alluring design . This gadget will completely change the look of your bedroom or living room and is perfect for modern smart homes . Everyday , we receive emails from so many interior design lovers how much they love this product and we are sure that you will too 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium gadget under  Xiaomi Home and Grey Technologies collaboration and is built using the highest grade material and craftsmanship , guaranteed to provide you years of faultless efficiency and durability


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