Smart Humidifier for Room - Alexa and Google Home Compatible

If you have been our regular customer, then your home must have been 70-80 % automated till now . But one major thing is still pending - a premium smart humidifier. And That's why we collaborated with Oneder® Corporation to bring this awesome gadget for you !!!
    • SMART APP CONTROL - You can control the humidifier through your smart phone app ( compatible with both Android and iOS ) and control mist intensity , LED Lights choice, timers and also set automation rules- Eg. Turn off the humidifier at 8:00 p.m , turn off the humidifier when the air is hydrated to 60% etc. This is the world's most advanced smart room humidifier and the applications are endless 
    • ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME - If you have Alexa or Google Home then you can control all the functions through voice control which is awesome and adds to the convenience . The connection with all the major smart home systems is very seamless and just takes a few seconds to set up
    • 400 ML CAPACITY - The humidifier has a large 400 ml water tank capacity thus making it one of the most efficient humidifiers for room and you don't have to change the water again and again 
    • TIMING FUNCTION - Another cool feature is that you can set times so that the humidifier can turn off or on at a particular time. ( If you have one of our Motion Sensors then you can set an option so that the humidifier turns on when you enter the room )
    • SMART LED LIGHTS- The 7 colour LED night light function can be controlled using the smartphone app which makes this humidifier look gorgeous especially at night 
    • NOISE FREE AND HEAT FREE -The humidifier is designed in such a way that it dissipates zero heat and the inbuilt noise absorber layer makes sure that it carries out its operation without any noise . Its thus a great humidifiers for babies as well as adults and is also suitable when you are doing yoga , meditation or exercise 
    • AIR PURIFIER AND ESSENTIAL OILS- This device works as both humidifier and air purifier . If you add essential oils into it , the benefits will be tripled and it will give a floral , soothing vibe to your room 
    • 360° Vaporisation - The patented all round microchip technology creates 360° frequencies that instantly atomise water and essential oil molecules into the air . Thus it is much healthier than old style heat diffusers that damage essential oils . By using this technology , the benefits of essential oils and humidification are uniformly diffused in the air which lead to healthy overall development of the body 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT - This is a high end product for your smart home and we assure you of the highest quality guarantee and safety . Being designed and built from the best-in-line materials , its there to give you years of unparalleled efficiency and durability 


    • Cleans and Purifies the air and reduces potential respiratory hazards for your and your baby 
    • Keeps the skin moist and prevents drying and cracking  of skin 
    • Reduce stress, create a calm soothing atmosphere and is highly recommended if you are doing yoga or meditation 
    • Keeps the body cells hydratedto the effective level and prevents from many diseases
    • Effectively reduces headaches , cracked lips and dry throat
    • Decreases nasal congestionin kids and helps loosen mucus 
    • Portable and easy to carry anywhere
    • 7 colour LED night lights look gorgeous 
    • Can be controlled by your smartphone