Smart Hourglass Timer - LED Lamp

This smart hourglass timer lamp is the perfect decor for your home . This is a product which showcases a unique blend of modern technology and minimalisitic design and we are sure that you will love it 
    • ⏳ FINE LED FUNCTION -Besides working as a beautiful hour glass times , this product functions as a warm LED Lamp. The drifting sand gradually covers the light and you can feel the magical flow of time right in front of you . It feels and looks very satisfying and everyone who sees this is gonna ask you where you bought this thing 
    • ⏳GRAVITY SENSING TECHNOLOGY -The smart hour glass timer works on gravity sensing night light technology which is warm and quiet and creates an elegant ambience in your room 
    • ⏳MINIMALISM- The pure white design with matte finish and smooth texture looks very minimalistic and looks really gorgeous on your table or cabinets 
    • ⏳AAA BATTERY -  As it is powered by normal AAA Battery , the standby time is about 6 months which becomes really convenient as you don't have to charge it again and again 
    • ⏳ECO FREINDLY- The smart hourglass is made of recycled glass and aluminium alloy and also as the energy consumption is 32 times lower than the normal night lamps , it becomes really eco friendly and is thus perfect for the modern smart homes 
    • PREMIUM QUALITY - This is a premium product under our Luxury Home Decor range and is built using highest grade material providing you years of unparalleled efficiency and durability