Smart Navigation Glasses | The Salior Cocard Pro

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Introducing The Salior Cocard Pro - The world's most user friendly and Intelligence controlled smart glasses . We put a lot of work to bring this amazing gadget to reality and we are sure that you are as much excited for this as we are . The glasses have inbuilt screen navigation feature which makes it a perfect gadget while you are driving
    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The patented smart chip integration technology allowed us to design this amazing gadget for you and launch it at such a reasonable cost. The Grey Technologies Creative team has collaborated with Asdern® Designs to bring these AR glasses to life
    • MULTI FUNCTION AND NAVIGATION UPDATES  - The intelligent glasses allow you to listen to music , podcasts , make hands free calls , track your fitness results and even receive real time on screen directions and notifications ( Youtube , WhatsApp , Facebook ,Instagram ) while your are driving or walking . It thus makes very convenient while travelling and doesn't infer with your driving 
    • MUSIC QUALITY- The dual subwoofer microchips operate on smart bone conduction technology to deliver you crisp , clear stereo sound and also makes sure that the sound is not audible to other people around you . Just connect your smartphone , select your playlist and you are good to go 
    • HD MICROPHONE- The inbuilt Hi-Fi Microphone allows you to smoothly answer your calls and access the voice assistant via the glasses itself 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The advanced Bluetooth interface allows smooth wireless connectivity with both Android and iOS Phones 
    • POLARISED- The smart glasses are dual polarised to keep your eyes safe and comfortable . Enjoy premium A level clarity and advanced sun glare reduction even when you are outside 
    • ANTI-GLARE- The glasses are blue ray anti glare and prevent computer radiations while you are working and thus reducing the strain on your eyes and thus can be used as multifunctional intelligent glasses 
    • UNISEX- These are suitable for both him and her and are designed in a Nordic stylish way which feels and looks very premium
    • SAFETY ASSURANCE- As always , these have also passed our 3 level quality control programme ( visit the section to learn more ) so if you buy these smart glasses , you obviously don't have to be worried about the safety of your eyes and skin
    • CAR EDITION- The smart glasses are specially designed for driving . The handsfree call feature with advanced navigation interface certainly makes it the drivers choice and puts it in the category of coolest and most useful car accessories of the year 

    Grey Technologies is the official exclusive seller of The Salior Cocard Pro Smart Navigation Glasses . All rights reserved and protected