Greyhome® Smart Coffee Table


What do you use your table for - eating , putting things , keeping flowers ??? Well, this one is much more than that !!! Introducing the Greyhome® Max - world's first smart table with dual surround bluetooth speakers and wireless charging 

    • WORLD'S FIRST SMART TABLE- The Greyhome® Max is a revolution in the smart home industry . Beside being an elegant , minimalistic coffee table , it acts as a HD bluetooth speaker and charging base . It features our proprietary G36+ Core O technology which was also the winner of the Red Dot Award 2020 
    • THE SOUND- This smart table is a music beast . It boasts of dual Maxer® flagship speakers on both sides with Beryllium driver amplification which prodcues the most high quality refined stereo sound with a remarkably immersive base . This smart table , some beer bottles and a few Cheetos is all you need for a full fledge part in your home 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0-  It is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 interface for ultra smooth wireless connectivity with all your devices - Android , iOS , laptops , PCs , smart TVs and tablets 
    • WIRELESS CHARGING FUNCTION - The smart coffee table has built in smart wireless charging system - just keep your phone on the table and you are good to go (works with all Qi wireless charging supported devices) . It feels really amazing when you just keep your smartphone on the table and it automatically starts charging . The charging is T-6 turbo thus providing a 1.6 times faster charging than any other charger on the market 
    • NORMAL CHARGING- The Greyhome® smart table also consists of  USB ports for normal wired charging which comes in really handy as you can charge multiple devices at a time 
    • HD MICROPHONE FOR HAND FREE CALLING  - The table has built in Hi-Definition microphone which lets you enjoy hands-free calling and in game streaming and also you can access voice assistant 
    • BEAUTIFUL LED LIGHTING- The induction warm lighting with bright illumination creates a wonderful ambience in your living room or lobby 
    • THE DESIGN- Greyhome® Max is not just a hi-tech gadget but also a true piece of craftsmanship and carpentry. The wooden minimalistic design with 100% pure maple wood built and silicone subwoofers  increases the aesthetics of your living room or your bedroom and makes it a perfect fit for the modern smart homes . It also won the GTE '21 annual award and has been featured in various magazines including the Product Hunter Pro 
    • THE COOL FACTOR- Guys , this smart coffee table will surely be the coolest and most innovative thing in your home . Just imagine how lit it is to have a speaker in your normal wooden table . People will not even know where the sound is coming from and you are really gonna have an mazing time with this 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Greyhome® Smart Coffee Table . All rights reserved and protected