Dusk® Smart Clock - Colour Changing Wall Clock

We think this is the most innovative and unique smart home gadget we have ever brought for you . This exclusive clock from Dusk® changes its colour according to the day of time which is really cool . This is one of its kind and certainly a revolution in the industry . We love it and are excited for it and hope that you are too !!!

    • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY- The clock features the patented revolutionary technology which allows the clock to change its color according to the time of the day . The whole clock starts changing its colour from bright to dark as time passes from morning to the night and vice versa which feels and looks very satisfying and you'll really fall in love with it . Literally everyone who sees this smart clock just says one word - 'unbelievable'
    • PRECISION MECHANICS- The clock operates on a dual core quartz winding system ( G68 Core 9.0 ) and thus provides the most precise and accurate time with an error value of 0.002 seconds thus putting it in the category of most high end clocks ever acme 
    • COLOR CONTRAST- The color contrast has been carefully designed so that the hands of the clocks are always visible large and clear at all times of day - whether day or night 
    • THE DESIGN- This Dusk smart clock features super advanced technology with an equally gorgeous and minimalistic design which enhances the aesthetics of your home . The sophisticatedly built glass body coupled with the alluring metal hands certainly makes it one of the best decor for luxury smart homes 
    • STURDY CONSTRUCTION- Being manufactured using the highest grade material , the smart clock is premium and strong promising you years of unmatched efficiency and durability 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Dusk ® Smart Clock . All rights reserved and protected