Smart Alarm Clock - With Bluetooth Speaker


When everything is becoming smart in your home - then why not your alarm be smart  . So here it is , the coolest alarm clock which is also an amazing Bluetooth speaker 

    • 2 IN ONE- The device features 2 in 1 , can be used as a smart alarm clock and also as a HD bluetooth speaker 
    • THE SOUND - The speaker features dual Maxr® micro Subwoofers coupled with Beryllium Drivers application technology  thus providing the most seamless music experience and true immersive bass
    • THE ALARM- The alarm has multiple functions including Double Plus Reminders and Smart Calibration which adds to the convenience 
    • BLUETOOTH 5.0- The smart alarm clock works on Bluetooth 5.0 interface for smooth wireless connectivity with all your devices including Android , iOS , laptops , TVs and tablets 
    • OTHER MODES- The device also supports TF Card , Audio Jack mode and local FM mode which comes in really handy when you don't have stable internet connection or you don't have your phone around 
    • TEMPERATURE DISPLAY- The smart alarm clock also displays the current surrounding temperature and being powered by the GR32 sensor chip , the data is 100% accurate 
    • INFRARED REMOTE- You can also control the device using the infrared remote ( comes with the package ) and use it to change music settings , alarm , snooze , sound , temperature display and volume settings 
    • MINIMALISTIC TOUCH CONTROL- The glass LED screen with touch buttons looks very high end and gorgeous and you can use smart finger touch to adjust the settings .
    • INBUILT MICROPHONE- Inbuilt Hi-Fi Microphone which allows you to enjoy hands free calling and also access voice assistant 
    • BATTERY LIFE- The inbuilt 2000 mAh Lithium battery provides around 6 days standby and can be recharged through the included USB Cable . Being wireless and lightweight , it can be carried around anywhere thus becomes very versatile 
    • A PREMIUM PRODUCT- More than anything else , the look of this smart alarm clock is just marvellous . The black matte geometry with bezel free glass screen certainly adds an enhanced aesthetic value to your smart home and looks very premium