The Lofree® Candly | Premium Wireless Retro Lamp

Base Colour
Light Blue
This retro lamp from Lofree® is the only thing you need to impress anyone with a beautiful romantic candle light dinner , of course you need to have some basic cooking skills too . Jokes apart , this candle light lamp from Lofree is a masterpiece both in terms of technology and design . Its one of the most beautiful night lamps we have ever launched and we are sure you will love the craftsmanship behind it :)
    • ONE OF ITS KIND- This is a premium product by Lofree® and its unique retro design with minimalistic interface has won many design awards and featurings . It looks like a smart electronic candle and everybody who sees this goes crazy for it 
    • RETRO CONTROL - You can adjust the brightness and shade of the retro lamp using the classic mechanical regulator and oh boy , it feels so satisfying and amazing to use 
    • BRIGHTNESS CONTROL- The brightness control and dimmable function makes this retro light very versatile and can be adjusted as per convenience 
    • DUAL LIGHTING -  Inbuilt dual lighting interface -  one for normal lighting and other for warm candle lighting . It creates a soothing and romantic kind of ambience in the room ans is suitable for outdoors or camping also . It gives you the feels of those old classic lanterns and looks really cool 
    • LARGE BATTERY LIFE - One single charge can last upto 24 hours continuous lighting and is rechargeable through the included USB Cable
    • PORTABLE- Being small , lightweight and wireless , the Candly is very easy to carry around which comes in really handy and you can use it anytime and anywhere you want 
    • THE DESIGN- Its the special candle like design which lists this retro lamp in the title of most uniquely designed lamps ever . The modern lighting technology blended into a classic gorgeous design makes it the perfect next decor for your home 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- The Candly retro lamp is a limited edition product and is manufactured using premium grade material, providing it ultra long durability and efficiency 

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