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Pilots are a RARE kind of humans and so is our MIG 530 Supersonic Interceptor . Combining the iconic MIG Fighter Jet design and the revolutionary FESense™️ Technology by GreyStealth® , this bad boy is certainly one of the best RC Planes ever created and the flying experience is just radically satisfying

    • PROPRIETARY FESENSE™️ TECHNOLOGY -The revolutionary FESense Technology developed by the engineers at GreyStealth® makes MIG 530 one of the most powerful and versatile Remote Control Planes on the market and the built-in 6 axis Gyroscope Stabilisation function provides for easy control and thus the RC Plane is best for beginners as well as professionals
    • THE PLANE IS UNBREAKABLE- Yes you heard it right !!! The MIG 530 Remote Control Airplane is designed using superlative EPP material , flexible silicone head and features Buffer Impact Technology which provides this RC Airplane 100% Anti-Collision and Drop Resistance properties . You can thus control this RC Jet freely without any fear of braking or damaging the parts
    • HIGH SPEED | LONG RANGE- Being modelled as a Russian Fighter Jet , the GreyStealth® MIG 530 Remote Control Plane can reach distances upto 500 metres , altitude upto 400 metres and supersonic speed which makes the flying experience extremely fun and is perfect for RC Plane connoisseurs
    • 25+ MIN BATTERY LIFE- Equipped with our patented HF322® high density lithium battery , the Remote Control Airplane provides upto 25-30 minutes of flight time on 1 single charge which is higher than any other RC Plane on the market
    • 2.4 GHZ REMOTE CONTROL | CONVENIENT CONTROL - The Remote Control of the MIG 530 Plane works on advanced radio technology which allows you to easily maneuver the RC plane over long distances . The functions of the Remote Control are simple to operate and thus making it a perfect beginner RC plane and also one of the best airplane toys ever designed
    • FABULOUS FIGHTER JET DESIGN- The design and built details of the GreyStealth® MIG 530 RC Plane takes its inspiration from the engineering behind the powerful MIG War Jets . Each and every single part is carefully designed to give the RC Jet a real WarPlanes's look and the LED night lights just take things to a whole new level

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