Rechargeable USB Candle Lighter - Electric Candle Lighter

Frost Blue
No this is not a walkie talkie !!! This is our newest and coolest electric candle lighter that will take your collection to the next level . It's one of our Best Electric Lighters and  the retractable arc design makes it super safe and versatile to use
    • ELECTRICITY TO FIRE- As the electronic arc lighters utilise electric current to induce fire , there is no requirement of butane or gas and thus no refuelling hassle . Plus , electric lighters are so much more fun than normal lighters and the Tesla like current sound is just so satisfying
    • SAFEST LIGHTER EVER- Featuring a telescopic flexible neck , the electric lighter can be retracted anytime thus making it safe and more pocket friendly . The Safety Switch on the surface prevents any accidental fire and as there is no toxic chemical inside , the arc lighter poses no risk of spilling
    • WINDPROOF LIGHTER | WATERPROOF LIGHTER- The USB arc lighter is a completely flameless lighter so there is no smoke and pollution and thus it can also be used in windy conditions and rain , thus you have fire anywhere anytime . This makes it a perfect lighter for camping and survival trips too
    • INBUILT RECHARGEABLE BATTERY- The electric lighter boasts of an inbuilt 280mAh/5V Li-ion battery which provides a battery life of about 7 days . Charging takes about 30 minutes using the included USB Cable through your power socket , laptop , power bank or even your car charging port
    • MULTI-USE ELECTRIC LIGHTER- It features a pure metallic built and matte design making it one of the best cool lighters of 2021 . It's perfect for cigarettes , candles , backyard barbecues , camping , patio fire pits, kitchen , firework celebrations , stoves and candle-lit bathtub soaks