ROLLSON® PRO 20000 ( 3 in one )


Guys, the ROLLSON PRO is finally here . We put a lot of work to bring this amazing gadget to reality and we are sure you'll love it  

    • ⚡️20000 REAL POWER- The Roll-on Pro features real 20000 mAh Battery which is enough to charge your phone about 7-8 times !!!
    • ⚡️INBUILT CABLE- The feature that makes the power bank special is that it has an inbuilt USB 3 Way Cable . You don't need to carry those long cables anymore. Just take out the cable, plug it and charge your phone -whether it is an Android, C-Type or iPhone
    • ⚡️1.8X CHARGING SPEED- The power bank has inbuilt patented dual microchips which provide 1.8 X Faster charging than any other power bank in the market
    • ⚡️ANTI- HEAT- There are 2 micro fans inbuilt in the power bank so you don't have to worry about heating up of the power bank or your device
    • ⚡️LED INDICATOR -The Led indicator shows the charging level of the power bank which becomes very useful if you have to carry your power banks outside
    • ⚡️COMPACT AND PORTABLE -Despite its high power and efficiency , the size is really compact and lightweight so you can carry it around anywhere
    • ⚡️INDUSTRY GRADE CABLE - The inbuilt cable is made of high quality ABS  so you don't have to worry about the wearing or tearing of the cable
    • ⚡️TEXTURED COVER -The premium grade leather texture gives the power bank a very minimal and premium look
    • ⚡️FCC CERTIFICATION- The Roll-on Pro is completely compliant with the airline security regulations and FCC Certificate
    • ⚡️PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end product and is manufactured using the highest quality Aluminium and internal lithium chips . We guarantee you of a 10 years quality assurance and unparalleled efficiency

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Roll-on Pro . All rights reserved and protected