GreyTech® RC Crocodile - Best Prank Stuff

Guys , this RC Crocodile may seem to be lame or childish at first but trust us , this may be the most next level and legendary prank stuff ever created . This is serious !!! This cool little RC Boat makes 6 out of 10 adults scream like never and it's perfect if you are a prank evil like us ( Don't forget to share the reaction videos with us on Instagram @greytechnologies )
    • ADVANCED RC BOAT- The Crocodile RC Boat features our proprietary Crewmx® shaft technology which makes the radio control operation very smooth and the boat ( the crocodile ) moves in the water with the max floating speed
    • 2.4GHz REMOTE CONTROL- Featuring a 2.4GHz transmitter , the crocodile RC Boat has a range of 100+ metres and faces no radio interference . The remote control is silicone plated and is super comfy to use which makes it really easy to maneuver your crocodile . When the power is too low, the speed will automatically drop by 40% and you can thus recall back the boat
    • A PERFECT DANGEROUS CROCODILE - Our geek devil designers designed the RC Boat perfectly like a crocodile's head and it literally makes people tremble . The scales , eyes and teeth are perfect carved to give it a haunting look and when it's in slowly floating in water , you can imagine the vibes !!!
    • STABLE CONTROL | INBUILT SENSORS- When the propeller shaft contacts the water, the boat can be quickly opened after sensing the fluid. At the same time, the balanced twin propellers are used to make the remote control boat more stable without worrying about overturning
    • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY- Being powered by a 3.7V 500 mAH lithium battery , the RC Boat has an ultra long battery life . The charing port is equipped with a waterproof rubber plug and the bottom of the ship is completely closed and waterproof
    • A LOT OF USES- Not only the Crocodile RC Boat is a perfect prank stuff or prank toy but it can also be used in productive purposes like driving away bird from swimming pools , to protect golf courses , industrial park lakes and ponds ( but tbh we made it for the prank stuff only 😂 )