Guys, this is the most revolutionary and amazing gadget we have brought for you . We have collaborated with Oisle Research Technologies to bring this product to life . We know guys that the price is very high but believe us ,you won't ever need a power bank or charger again !!!

    • 60000 REAL POWER- The Oisle Power Bank features real 10000 mAh Battery which is enough to charge your phone about 2 times !!!
    • PLUG AND CHARGE- The feature that makes the power bank so special is that it has an inbuilt charging pin .You don't need to carry those long cables anymore. Just take out this gadget, plug it and charge your phone without any hinderance
    • 1.8X CHARGING SPEED- The power bank has inbuilt patented dual microchips which provide 1.8 X Faster charging than any other power bank in the market
    • ANTI- HEAT- There is a micro fan inbuilt in the power bank so you don't have to worry about heating up of the power bank or your device
    • COOL LED INDICATOR -The Led indicator shows the charging level of the power bank which looks very cool becomes very useful if you have to carry your power banks outside
    • COMPACT AND PORTABLE -Despite its high power and efficiency , the size is really compact and lightweight so you can carry it around anywhere
    • TEXTURED COVER -The premium grade leather texture gives the power bank a very minimal and premium look
    • FCC CERTIFICATION- The Oisle Power Bank is completely compliant with the airline security regulations and FCC Certificate
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end product and is manufactured using the highest quality Aluminium and internal lithium chips . We guarantee you of a 10 years quality assurance and unparalleled efficiency

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of the Oisle Power Bank . All rights reserved and protected