The FlexiWash®️ Pro - Portable Washing Machine

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Introducing our revolutionary FlexiWash®️ Pro - a Foldable Portable Washing Machine and a game-changer in laundry convenience !!! With its large 8 L capacity and proprietary cleaning technology, this compact wonder is set to transform the way you do your laundry
    • FOLDABLE WASHING MACHINE | ULTIMATE PORTABILITY -Experience true freedom with the FlexiWash®️ Pro's exceptional portability. Whether you're on a road trip, camping adventure, or living in a compact space, this washing machine adapts to your lifestyle. Fold it effortlessly into a compact size, slip it into your backpack, and take it wherever you go

    • LARGE 8 L CAPACITY- Upgrade to a larger capacity that can accommodate a whopping 8 liters of laundry. Perfect for cleaning lightweight clothing that requires separate cleaning, such as baby clothing, underwear, towels, socks, or other small items

    • ADVANCED CLEANING TECHNOLOGY + SPIN DRYING- Harnessing the power of innovation, the Flexi Wash®️ Portable Washing Machine utilizes advanced Charged ion cleaning mechanisms to deliver exceptional results. The incorporation of intelligent sensors and AI algorithms ensures precise water and detergent optimization, guaranteeing thorough cleaning while conserving resources. The Foldable washing machine also has an inbuilt laundry basket and spin dry system to quickly dry your clothes !!!

    • EASY WATER DRAINAGE | SIMPLE TO USE-We believe in simplicity without compromising functionality. That's why our washing machine features a user-friendly one-button operation. Simply long-press the key for two seconds to start or stop the machine. It's equipped with convenient timed washing buttons for 5 minutes and 10 minutes, allowing you to customize your wash cycle, along with a 1-minute dehydration button for efficient water removal. The dirty water can easily be drained using the Nozzle on the back of the portable washing machine

    • 100% SAFE FOR USE AND FOR CLOTHES- Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our washing machine is made from TPE+PP material, known for its exceptional resistance to aging, yellowing, and high temperatures. Operating at a rated voltage of 110-260V 50/60Hz with a power rating of 36W, it boasts a high-quality motor for powerful performance and precise control of the washing rhythm, ensuring a deep and thorough clean every time.