Portable Tabletop Heater ( Premium Edition )

🥶 Its cold isn't it ?? Don't worry wee have an amazing gadget for you . This tabletop heater with intelligent temperature control and ultra minimal design is surely the perfect winter gadget for you !!
    • 🥶 PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a very high end product manufactured using the highest standard materials and is considered one of the best desktop heater in the market
    • 🥶SMART HEATING- The internal artificial intelligence chip can automatically detect the temperature and thus carries out heating according to the atmospheric conditions
    • 🥶WIDE ANGLE VENT- The multiple airway vent system allow uniform heating over a larger and wider area
    • 🥶PTC HEATING - The technology used for heating is PTC Internal heating thus it has no side effect on health , doesn't cause drug of skin and. provides comfortable soothing warm air
    • 🥶COLD AIR AND WARM AIR - The device has dual mode function and provides warm soothing air in the winter and normal blow air in the summers
    • 🥶ZERO HEAT DISSIPATION - The heater is equipped with triple layer silica coating which prevents any type of heating of the device and thus ensures safety
    • 🥶TRIPLE LAYER SAFETY -The heater has an inbuilt smart dumping system which makes the devices 100 % flame proof and also the smart temperature control ensures that the air is not too hot
    • 🥶MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The geometric texture and premium white and off red collar combination makes it look a very premium product and also enhances the aesthetics of your table
    • 🥶15 YEARS QUALITY GUARANTEE - The heater is developed by a skilled technical team using industry standard material and claims to provide 15 years of uninterrupted usage