Xiaomi® AR Printer ( Mini Printer )


Ever seen a printer that prints videos ?? Well, this one does !!! 

Introducing AR Printer by Xiaomi® - world's first portable printer that prints videos in addition to photos !!!

    • VIDEO PRINTING- The most amazing feature is that this mini printer can print videos upto 15 seconds . Just upload a video and then print it . It will be printed in normal form but when you scan it using the App, then you can see the video playing which is very cool and also amazing for storing close memories . You can maintain a scrapbook pasting these recorded videos and it would look really beautiful 
    • AUDIO PRINTING- This is the perfect gadget for a proposal . Record a video while saying " I Love You " and when the other person will scan the photo , he/she will hear the sound stored in the photo !!! There is no way someone's gonna say no to such a cute gesture 
    • PHOTO PRINTING- Of course the mini printer also supports printing normal photos . But we recommend you to print your very close memories ( especially videos ) as the package includes only 50 papers 
    • BLUETOOTH PRINTING- The Xiaomi® mini printer works on bluetooth printing interface . No need of WI-FI or mobile data . Also supports multiple people at the same time using the trio mode
    • THE QUALITY- As the printer uses thermal printing technology , the prints are crisp clear with a higher colour retention and viscosity than a conventional printer 
    • VERY EASY TO USE- This portbale printer is very simple to use . Just select your photos , choose the template , add the paper and you are good to go . Also it feels and looks kind amazing to see photos being printed from this cute mini printer 
    • CREATIVE TEMPLATES- The app consists of hundreds of preloaded templates which allow you to show your creativity while printing photos or videos . This is the perfect portable printer for photos and videos and you are gonna have a lot of fun with this  . Its a perfect gadget for art lovers and you can literally create endless things with this
    • COLOUR CALIBRATION- The inbuilt colour sensor chip works with embedded dye based crystals which print the exact same colours as recorded 
    • THE AR PAPER- The AR Paper used for printing is very high quality and made from special material and that is why it's so expensive
    • THE DESIGN- The design is very minimalistic and being small and lightweight , its really easy to carry around 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This mini printer is a very high end gadget in collaboration with Xiaomi® and Grey Technologies and its revolutionary technology makes it one of the most amazing gadgets of 2021 . Its one of the best portable printers out there and the fact that it can print videos and audios too , just makes it so much more awesome 

    Grey Technologies is the exclusive official seller of The Xiaomi® Portable Printer . All rights reserved and protected

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