Raxfly®️ Keychain Power Bank | Best Portable Charger

Raxfly®️ has proudly launched the world's smallest , most portable and efficient Power Bank ever designed . No USB Cables required , no hassle and this Power Bank is certainly one of the most useful phone accessories ever !!!
    • NEVER GO OUT OF CHARGE- Being the world's smallest and fastest power bank charger , it ensures that your smartphone never runs out of charge especially in emergency situations
    • 1 FULL CHARGE- Powered by a 3500 mAh MaxC32®️ Chip , this power bank can charge your phone 1 full time thus giving you battery backup for the whole day
    • NO USB CABLES | SINGLE BUTTON- The best part about the power bank is its special Plug & Charge design and the single slider button makes it super simple to use
    • HIGH SPEED + SAFE CHARGING- As the power bank features our upgraded smart core , it provides 1.7 X faster charging speed than normal chargers and ensures safety of the voltage and your smartphone
    • THE KEYCHAIN DESIGN- Who thought that your keychain will charge your phone lol ? - well it does . The unique portable keychain power bank can be attached to your keys , wallets , purse and can be carried anywhere