LazePot by Trixy® - Portable Electric Hot Pot

Introducing the culinary wizard of convenience : our Portable Electric Cooker ! With its sleek design and lightning-fast cooking capabilities, you can whip up delicious meals anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a camping enthusiast or a busy student , this compact powerhouse is your go-to for Gourmet Goodness on the go. Get cooking in style today 
    • VERSATILE COOKING ANYWHERE | ACTUAL NETFLIX & CHILL - Our Portable Electric Cooker empowers you to cook gourmet meals no matter where you are, whether it's in your dorm room, office, or while camping. Say goodbye to microwaved meals and hello to delicious, hot meals on the go
    • DUAL HEAT MODE | 1.8 L CAPACITY - Simply plug it in, adjust the temperature, and let it work its magic without the need for a full kitchen setup . The 1.5 L Capacity allows you to cook literally ahything from Mac & Cheese to Ramen to Steak and the list is just  
    • THE SAFETY FEATURES - Continuing the legacy of Trixy Products , our Electric Hot Pot features patented Mavinsulate® Technology , which keeps it cool so it is safe for handling and to use on any surface including your bed !!!
    • NON-STICK COATING - EASY CLEANING -The electric cooker has ceramic glazed inner container which keeps food from sticking, and it won't produce much smoke. Cleanup is a breeze with just a cloth and water
    • MINIMALISTIC MATTE DESIGN -Our Portable Electric Cooker boasts a sleek and minimalist design that seamlessly blends into any kitchen or space. It's useful , portable , multipurpose ( fry , boil , steam , stew ) and really one of the best purchases you'll make this year