Do you still use electric irons for drying your clothes ?? With this revolutionary gadget, you would never have to use a iron again !!!
    • đź‘•PORTABLE DRYING- This revolutionary gadget allows you to dry your clothes on the hanger stand . Just hang the clothes like your normal hanger and its dual heating technology dries the clothes very quickly and removes bacteria and wrinkles
    • đź‘•NO DAMAGE TO CLOTH- The inbuilt smart temperature control technology allows uniform heating with thin layers of heat which doesn't hurt or damage the cloth
    • đź‘•DRY SHOES- Inside the package comes a tube extension which allows you to even dry your wet shoes , boots or sandals and kill the bacteria inside
    • đź‘•SINGLE BUTTON CONTROL- The heating can be started with single touch operation which is very comfortable and easy to use
    • đź‘•TRIPLE PROTECTION -The dryer is equipped with high temperature resistant flame retardant materials and built in microcomputer protection program. The intelligent interface automatically switches to the cold air mode after some time
    • đź‘•PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE- The device is very lightweight and can be folded and easily put in a bag so you can take it out while travelling
    • đź‘•PROFESSIONAL WRINKLE FREE CLOTHES- The uniform heating airway system perfectly dries your clothes and give them smooth professional look