Jeffmax® Portable Electric Plasma Lighter + 20 pcs Cigarette Case

Our new Jeffmax® electric plasma lighter has a cool twist to it . Not only is it an extraordinarily unique USB lighter but also functions as a designer cigarette case , thus you have your whole smoking gear in one single gadget . It's one of our Staff Picks in the Electric Lighters Category and surely does impress anyone who sees it
    • ELECTRIC PLASMA LIGHTER - The Jeffmax® electric lighter is powered by electric current and thus no butane , gas or kerosene is required . This makes it a flameless lighter thus produces no smoke and pollution
    • INBUILT CIGARETTE CASE - The best part about this unique lighter is the inbuilt modular cigarette case which can hold about 20 standard cigarettes and making it really easier while travelling or during camping and survival trips
    • USB RECHARGEABLE | LONG BATTERY LIFE - As the plasma lighter is powered by a Li-Ion Battery , it can be recharged through a normal USB Cable . It takes about 40 minutes to fully charge and 1 single charge lasts more than a week
    • WATERPROOF , WINDPROOF & SCRATCH-PROOF - The premium pure metal design makes the lighter robust , super-stylish and gives it scratch-proof and fall-proof properties . Plus as there is no flame , the lighter is also windproof and waterproof and perfect for all types of conditions
    • SAFETY FEATURES - The dual insulated body combined with Safety Slider makes the USB lighter very pocket friendly and safe to carry around . Also as there is no toxic chemical inside , there is no risk of spilling thus adding to the safety