Mafby® Permanent Match Striker - Metallic Cool Lighter

If you are still using those boring gas lighters from the Stone Age or those little carbon matchsticks , its time that you gotta upgrade . Not only this Mafby® permanent match will give you classic Peaky Blinder Vibes but also you would never have to buy another box of matchsticks again !!!
    • USE INFINITE TIMES- This is a permanent match which means you can use the metallic matchstick thousands and thousands of time without any need of replacing your lighter
    • SUPER SIMPLE TO USE- To light fire , just take out your specially crafted metal stick out of the lighter and rub it against the friction belt . To put off the fire , just put the stick back into the lighter and you are good to go
    • ROBUST | WATERPROOF | DURABLE- Featuring a pure metal body , the permanent match lighter is waterproof , scratch proof and promises a durable life of many years without any wear or tear . Its a perfect upgrade to your lighter collection and is one of the most Beast Mode Lighters you'll ever buy
    • ULTRA UNIQUE DESIGN- The craftsmanship behind the Mafby® Permanent Match Striker surely deserves a big kudos !!! The perfectly carved metal body with an elegant Creature Cap on the top makes it look like a 200 $ Limited Edition Lighter and is sure to impress anyone anytime and anywhere
    • KEYCHAIN- Integrated clip keychain makes it really portable and easy to carry around on trips and during camping
    • LIGHTER GAS NOT INCLUDED- Guys , due to the shipping restrictions , we have not included kerosene in the package . Kindly get the lighter filled with it from your local store before use

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