B&N® Classic Lighter ( Permanent Match)

Guys , this might be the coolest lighter we have ever brought for you !!! Literally if you have this permanent match , you would never have to buy another matchstick again . Just take out the friction stick , strike against the bottle and you are good to go 
    • PERMANENT MATCHSTICK- The ignition frick technology makes this gadget into a permanent match lighter and you can use it as many times you want ( after 1 or 2 years if the butane gas goes out , you can easily get it refilled )
    • SAFE AND EASY TO USE- The full metal covering of the permanent match provides full safety from any risk and also the lighter is very easy to use . You just have to take the stick out , rub it once and you are good to go . To close off the fire , just put the stick back into the bottle 
    • LARGE BUTANE TANK- The butane tank of the lighter is large and this makes it sufficient for around a year or so ( due to shipping restrictions , we have not included the butane gas - you can get it filled from any local store )
    • ULTRA COOL DESIGN- Guys, this is really so classic and cool and you will surely be able to impress anyone with these . The bottle like design looks awesome and if you are collector of cool lighters , then this is a must for you 
    • PORTABLE- Being so small and lightweight , you can carry this permanent lighter anywhere ( easily in the pocket ) and it can also be used as a great camping lighter or survival lighter . Also it can be used as a keyring and easily carried around 
    • THE BUILT- Being built from 100% pure metal, this is highly durable and 100% scratch-proof and fall proof . 


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