Peanut Butter Maker

The true peanut butter lovers will probably agree that there is nothing better and satisfying than your own homemade peanut butter . So guys , here it is - a peanut butter maker for you so that you can make fresh peanut butter anytime and customise it too
    • WHAT IT DOES- This peanut butter maker lets you make your own homemade peanut butter thus you can be always sure about the safety and organic element of the ingredients
    • REAL SIMPLE AND EASY - The machine is very simple to use . Just add in the peanuts , put in your choice of customisation ( eg- sugar or flavours to make it tastier ) , switch on the button and there you have it - your first batch of organic homemade peanut butter
    • FUNNEL GRINDING DESIGN- The peanut butter maker uses funnel shaped grinding thus making sure that a limited amount of peanuts enter the grinder at once and thus giving a more authentic and perfect taste
    • RICH TASTE- This homemade peanut butter will surely taste much better than that available in stores because here the machine uses Burr Grinding technology and also as small batches are being produces , the freshness and taste enhances
    • LARGE STORAGE TANK- The storage dock is large enough to collect 500 ml of peanut butter at a time
    • EASY TO CLEAN- The machine is very simple to clean , you can easily take out the collection jar and clean it with water
    • RANGE OF NUTS- Not only peanut butter , but you can also process a range of cashews , almonds , hazelnuts , sunflower seeds and much more thus making this machine a perfect fit for healthy eaters
    • OUR TIP- Try dropping a few hazelnuts into the peanut butter maker along with the peanuts and that will taste delicious