Meet Orica® Chroma - the coolest and most creatively designed SSD Hard Drive in the world. So if you are a real tech lover and even more than that - a classy tech lover, this piece of art is a novelty for you  !!!

    • AWARD WINNING DESIGN -The hard drive is designed using homage Mondrian design blended with golden ratio praline and the design has won numerous awards including the DCRS' 20 and TechASQ" 20
    • ULTRA HIGH SPEED-This is one of the fastest hard drives ever created. It has inbuilt MAXR® microchips which are used in professional software companies' hardware. The speed you get with this hard drive is really unmatchable (It Chas read speed upto 1 GB/sec )
    • 512 GB LARGE CAPACITY-The hard drive features 256 GB Real SSD Space so that you can store data intensive files easily
    • PORTABLE DESIGN -The hard drive is specially designed in a very small and slim way so that it is fully portable and can be carried anywhere
    • UNLIMITED VIDEO STREAMING - If you want to do video streaming ,this hard drive powered by MAXR® microchips is the most suitable for you !!!
    • OTG CONNECTOR - Included USB- C to A Cable and USB A to C Connector so that you can also connect the hard drive to your phone
    • STRONG COMPATIBILITY-The Okura® Chroma Provides ultra smooth connectivity with all your devices- PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Smart TV, Speakers and other devices
    • 4 LIMITED EDITION COLOURS - This hard drive is available in 4 marvellous geometric variants- Sakura Pink , Avocado Green , Amethyst Purple, Solar White