Cute LED Night Light | With Voice Sensor

Guys , you have to agree that there can't be a better and a cuter night light for your bedroom . And with its smart voice control system , it makes perfect sense for the modern smart homes 
    • ULTRA COOL DESIGN- The retro faucet like design with the integrated night bulb looks really cool and enhances the aesthetics of your home . Its one of the most artistically created night lights and are also perfect for home decor purpose 
    • TRIPLE MODE SYSTEM- The lamp features 3 modes - On , Off and Smart Voice Control so you can adjust it according to your convenience making the night light really versatile . You can adjust the mode with the faucet knob which feels amazing 
    • SMART VOICE CONTROL- When you turn on the smart voice control mode , then the lamp automatically turn on when sound is detected example clapping , opening the door etc which is really awesome and makes it easy to use 
    • BEST NIGHT LIGHT FOR KIDS- This is the perfect sweet night light for kids and babies because of the unique design and the voice control system  . Kids love to turn on the lights using their clap sound and its thus a perfect gift for them . Also it looks so elegant in your baby nursery or kids' room and perfectly blends with the playful surroundings  
    • SOFT WARM LIGHT- The soft warm lighting function illuminates the whole area without hurting the eyes and thus you can use it as a great night light and also for reading books . The bright illumination creates a soothing and calm ambience in the bedroom 
    • NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED - As always , our smart lights don't need any complex installations or drills . The strong electronic magnetic base ( N32 ) allows you to firmly put the lamps on any surface as a wall night light , on refrigerator , on the bathroom tiles etc. 
    • USB RECHARGEABLE- The lamp can be recharged through the included USB Cable and thus plays a major part in energy saving as it consumes 6-7 times less than the traditional night lamps . The light takes around 45 minutes to fully charge gives a working time of 72+ hours on a  single charge 
    • MINIMALISTIC DESIGN- The minimalistic adorable faucet like design with a textured matte finish looks very high end and wonderful on the wall and certainly adds to the interior design aspect of your home 


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