Nail Through The Finger

Be the centre of attraction on the halloween night with this little sharp nail between your finger !!!
    • 🩸PERFECT FOR HALLOWEEN- This prank toy is perfect for the halloween trick'r treat. night . Imagine how creepy you would look with an iron nail through your finger
    • 🩸HOW THE PRANK WORKS- Actually inside the bandage , the nail is best in a ring like manner which exactly fits around your finger ( its difficult to explain here but its really very easy to use )
    • 🩸REAL BLOOD EFFECT- The diluted permanent red pigment makes it look like 100% real penetration and around 85% of the people are fooled by this prank
    • 🩸VERY EASY TO USE- The prank can be easily used even by by kids and is 100 % safe ( the nail is not at all dangerous ) . You just have to take the bandage and wear it in the finger and you are prepared to spook the guys around you