Smart Mug Warmer Coaster

Guys , we are kind of really excited for this product and really proud how the final product came as . This is certainly the coolest mug warmer out there and the retro knob style - that's real lit
    • WHAT IT DOES- As the title states , this little gadget works as a thermostatic mug warmer for your drinks and you can use it to heat or control the temperature of your coffee drinks , infused water or literally any beverage
    • RETRO KNOB DESIGN- We have designed the cup warmer as retro styled and you can change the temperature or time settings using the regulator which looks real cool
    • TEMPERATURE CONTROL- You can adjust the knob to choose the preferred temperature and also the heating time thus making it very convenient to use
    • 100% SAFE- The coaster is made of premium grade ceramic and the dual insulation heating makes sure that is absolutely has no side effect on your health ( you can absolutely be assured about that )
    • ALL TYPES OF MUGS- The coaster can be used to heat beverages in any type of cup or mug , just avoid single use plastics 
    • USB CHARGING- This is a USB cup warmer thus making it very easy to use and you can even operate it using your power bank
    • REALLY PORTABLE- The coffee cup warmer , being very lightweight and small , can be carried around anywhere and thus is suitable for offices , work tables , home and literally anywhere
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- Guys , we agree its a bit expensive but trust us that you will love this gadget and also cup warmer looks really minimalist and premium thus is also suitable for your work place