Sothing® Smart Motion Sensor Light

Base Colour

Enhance the look of your home while making it smarter by the word's best motion sensor lights from Sothing® . Not only you will be taken aback by the one of its kind Nordic design but also the range of intelligent features it boasts of 

    • MOTION SENSOR INDOOR LIGHTS- These night lights work on infrared motion sensor technology which means when someone comes close to the lights , they automatically illuminate , giving a warm bright light . The lamps are powered by the proprietary Sothing MT+® technology which provides the most accurate and efficient motion detection system 
    • LARGE SESNOR RADIUS- The inbuilt S42 Core Gh sensors are really powerful and allow motion sensing over a large radius ( 0-4 m ) which becomes very convenient as as soon as you enter your ling room or hallway , the lights turn on 
    • GORGEOUS LIGHTING- The light is warm and elegant ( 3000 K ) and creates a calm , soothing ambience in the bedroom or living room which is perfect as it fills up a large area and also doesn't hurt the eyes 
    • TRIPLE MODE INTERFACE - The night light consists of 3 modes - on mode ( to keep it continuously lighted ) , Off mode ( to close the light ) and the Auto Detection mode which starts the motion sensor function . So it comes in really handy as you can adjust setting according to different situations and needs 
    • MAGNETIC BASE | NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED- This is the most amazing part of these smart motion sensor lights . Using the strong electromagnetic base , you can put the lights anywhere - on the wall , near the bedside , on cupboards etc. which makes it very versatile and you don't have to be involved in tedious drilling or installation jobs . The specially designed magnets are universal and very strong providing firm grip to the lamp 
    • DETACHABLE- The beautiful mini ball of the motion sensor light is detachable and can be used separately like a portable light ball ( see the pictures for better reference ) . Also the wooden neck is 120° flexible to provide light in all directions 
    • RECHARGEABLE- The inbuilt 500 mAh lithium battery gives it a standby time of approx 180 days on auto mode and around 72 hours on continuous mode . It is rechargeable easily though the included USB cable 
    • THE DESIGN- More than anything else , the design of this motion sensor light is just worth the appreciation . The premium Vohlon geometry  coupled with an equally remarkable white matte finish puts it in the category of most high end and alluring smart lights ever built 
    • PREMIUM PRODUCT- This is a premium product under Sothing Lighting & Grey Technologies collaboration thus guaranteeing years of unmatchable durability and efficiency