Elixora®️ Air 1 - Professional RGB Gaming Phone Cooler

Elevate your mobile gaming experience to a whole new level with the Elixora®️ Air 1 Gaming Phone Cooler. Designed for the serious gamer, this innovative device combines cutting-edge cooling technology with unmatched portability, ensuring your phone stays cool and your gameplay stays smooth.

    • ADVANCED COOLING TECHNOLOGY | FREEZING TEMPERATURE -The Air 1 Gaming Phone Cooler is engineered with state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling and a high-speed fan, rapidly reducing your phone's temperature and preventing overheating. Say goodbye to lag and thermal throttling, and hello to consistently high performance

    • BUILT IN BATTERY -Experience the freedom of true mobility with the Air 1’s built-in battery. No more being tethered to a power source during intense gaming sessions. Enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous cooling on a single charge, so you can game longer without any interruptions . The Phone Cooler can be used both via wireless and wired interface thus adding to the gaming convenience

    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY-Whether you're an iOS or Android user, the Elixora®️ Air 1 Gaming Phone Cooler is universally compatible with most smartphone models. The adjustable clamp securely attaches to your device, providing a snug fit that stays in place even during the most vigorous gaming action

    • SILENT OPERATION -Enjoy a distraction-free gaming environment with the Air 1's ultra-quiet fan. Focus on your game, not the noise, and stay immersed in the action

    • DYNAMIC RGB LIGHTING | ERGONOMIC AND LIGHTWEIGHT -Illuminate your gaming sessions with the Air 1's customizable RGB lighting. Choose from a spectrum of vibrant colors and dynamic lighting effects to match your style and create an immersive gaming atmosphere. Designed with the gamer in mind, the Air 1 Gaming Phone Cooler boasts an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand without adding unnecessary bulk