Worried about you kid's eyes due to excessive mobile screen time ? Don't worry we have a solution for you !! . This plug and play gadget will detect the distance of your kids eyes from the phone and thus make ensure that the child maintains a sufficient distance from the screen ( The alarm sets beeping if the screen is more close than the recommended level )
    • SCREEN DISTANCE REMINDER - The device has an inbuilt micros sensor which detects the distance of your child's phone from the screen and its artificial intelligence system starts beeping if the eyes are closes than a recommended level ( We have set the level after consultation with eye specialists)
    • PLUG AND PLAY- Simple plug and play operation. No drivers or softwares required
    • ANTI-FATIGUE REMINDER - On the basis of time spent , the devices also sets an anti-fatigue alarm so that the kids can know how much time to spend on their phones
    • NO RADIATIONS- Because the device doesn't use any network or data, there are mo radiations and no power consumption
    • PHONE STAND INCLUDED - Free phone stand included for comfortable viewing